Backyard Bard

Directed by Sarah Stillion

Backyard Bard presents two stripped-down productions of Shakespeare’s plays, each one hour long, and both performed by a small ensemble of versatile actors.

Backyard Bard was born out of a desire to bring Shakespeare to smaller parks and new audiences in underserved neighborhoods. But we don’t just perform in the parks – Backyard Bard is also available for private parties. If you are interested in hosting a performance, contact us at


All’s Well That Ends Well

About the Play

The determined and clever Helena seeks to win the heart of the reluctant Bertram. With wit and ingenuity, she concocts a plan to cure the King of France, earning his favor and the chance to marry the man she loves. But when Bertram flies from her to join the wars Helena must navigate a host of deceptions and challenges in an effort to win him back. 

All’s Well That Ends Well Performances


Julius Caesar

About the Play

In ancient Rome, Julius Caesar, a charismatic and ambitious general, rises to power. However, his growing influence sparks jealousy among his peers, leading to a conspiracy against him. Betrayal, loyalty, and the quest for power collide in a gripping tale of political intrigue, culminating in Caesar’s dramatic assassination and the chaotic aftermath that ensues. 

Julius Caesar Performances


  • Garth Ball
    • All’s Well That Ends Well –  Bertram
    • Julius Caesar –  Marc Antony, Soothsayer, Casca
  • Aubrey Sara Kaye
    • All’s Well That Ends Well –  Helena
    • Julius Caesar –  Portia, Decius, Messenger  AWEW
  • Bryce Publow
    • All’s Well That Ends Well –  Paroles
    • Julius Caesar – Brutus
  • Ashley Salazar
    • All’s Well That Ends Well – Countess
    • Julius Caesar – Cassius, Calpurnia, Lucius



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