Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Erin Day

About the Play

Viola, shipwrecked and separated from her twin brother, presumed to be lost at sea, disguises herself as a man named Cesario to navigate the foreign land of Illyria. Caught in a love triangle, Viola (as Cesario) finds herself inadvertently wooing the countess Olivia on behalf of Duke Orsino, while Olivia herself falls for the disguised Viola. As the tangled web of romance unravels, the play culminates in a riotous finale of revelations, reunions, and uproarious laughter, showcasing Shakespeare’s timeless wit and exploration of the complexities of love.



  • Molly Bauckham – Molly
  • Brandon Brown – Andrew
  • Katie Dreessen – Fabian
  • Tony Driscoll – Malvolio
  • Jasmine Harrick – Viola
  • Marc “Mok” Moser – Antonio
  • Olivia Ockey – Maria
  • Levi Redmill – Sebastian
  • Sara Schweid – Olivia
  • Sean Patrick Taylor – Feste
  • Cameron Widmark – Orsino
  • Daniel Wood – Toby



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Twelfth Night Performances

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