Henry VI, parts 2&3

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Zanne Gerrard


About the Play

A continuation of Henry VI part 1, Shakespeare’s chronicles of the Wars of the Roses. England is embroiled in political turmoil as the ineffectual King Henry VI struggles to maintain control amidst growing dissent and power struggles among nobles. The rise of the ambitious Richard, Duke of York, sets the stage for a bloody conflict for the throne, as factions vie for supremacy and betrayal lurks at every turn. Amidst treachery, ambition, and shifting allegiances, the fate of England hangs in the balance, with the crown as the ultimate prize in a brutal game of power.




  • Meredith Armstrong – Buckingham, Duke of Clarence
  • Mary Murfin Bayley – Gloucester, Stafford, Old Clifford, Lady Bona
  • Steven Davis – Suffolk, King Edward
  • Anthony Duckett – Richard, Hume, Bevis
  • Matthew Fisher – King Henry VI
  • Matthew Gilbert – York, Smith
  • Emily Hall – Young Clifford, Peter, Jourdain
  • Biz Hillenbrand – Somerset, Pirate Captain, Prince Edward
  • Freja Jorgenson – Eleanor. Cade, Rutland, Lady Gray/Elizabeth
  • David S. Klein – Mortimer, Cardinal, Dick, King Lewis XI
  • Raya Tuffaha – Queen Margaret
  • Carolynne Wilcox – Warwick, Holland



  • Alexandra Keaney – Stage Manager
  • Elizabeth Power – Costume Designer
  • John Williams Lynch – Fight Choreographer
  • Ian Gerrard – Prop Master
  • Heather Bernadette – Production Manager
  • Josh Kibbey – Volunteer Coordinator
  • Natalie Young – Production Assistant
  • Luke Saylor – Assistant to the Production Assistant


Henry VI parts 2&3 Performances

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