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Cast bios
Director’s Note

Cast Bios
Director’s Note

Comedy of Errors and Cymbeline
Cast Bios
Director’s Note


Short Summaries of the Summer Shows

ROMEO AND JULIET – Directed by Luke Sayler

Lovelorn Romeo Montague is a drag, so his buddies decide to cheer him up by crashing a party at the Capulets’. Their plan works perfectly when he immediately falls madly in love with Juliet. One catch: she is the daughter of Lord Capulet, sworn enemy of the Montagues.

Juliet has no desire to wed the man her father has chosen for her. Lucky for her, a cute boy turns up at the family shindig, and it’s love at first sight. But wait! He’s one of those rotten Montagues? Oops.

Defying parents, family grudges, and social expectations, the young lovers are secretly wed by Friar Lawrence. But the course of true love never did run smooth. Blood is shed, vital information goes astray, and happily-ever-afters aren’t for every love story.

HENRY VI, PART 1 – Directed by Zanne Gerrard

The untimely death of Henry V leaves his young son on the throne. But King Henry VI’s inexperience places him at the mercy of advisors with opposing agendas, not to mention fractious family branches stirring up trouble in red and white.

Meanwhile, France’s Dauphin has become its new King Charles, and he has a score to settle with England. When a peasant girl named Joan appears claiming to be God’s chosen deliverer of French freedom—with the sword and skill to back up her claim—it’s just what the monarch ordered.

Machinations at home and the threat abroad make for unrest on two fronts. The loss of France is but collateral damage as the War of the Roses begins, ushering in 30 years of English civil war and the end of a dynasty.

BACKYARD BARD – Directed by Erin Day

About Backyard Bard
Backyard Bard was born out of a desire to bring our shows to smaller, neighborhood parks, and to serve communities that weren’t being reached with our larger shows. Backyard Bard is a fast-paced, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, abridged introduction to Shakespeare, meant for audiences young and old, and also available for private events! Want to bring Backyard Bard to your party? Contact us!


Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse land in dangerous Ephesus, home of…Antipholus and Dromio?? Two sets of twins lead to mistaken identities, confusion, hilarity, and a happy ending in Shakespeare’s earliest comedy.


Combine a gullible king, a scheming Italian, sundered lovers, Roman soldiers, and the original evil step-mother. Add in questions of fidelity, lots of disguises, and a family reunion, and you have this under-appreciated romance and one of the last of Shakespeare’s plays..

ROMEO AND JULIET – cast bios

(alphabetical order)

Molly Kaleo Bauckham – (Lady Montague, Musician, Ensemble)

Molly has been reading and performing Shakespeare since 1988, playing the Celtic harp since 1998, and singing since childhood. Born in California and raised in California and Hawaii, Molly earned her B.A. in Theater Arts in 1998 from the University of Oregon before moving to Seattle in 2001. Molly particularly enjoys setting Shakespeare to music; in 2010 she composed a setting of “Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind” from As You Like It. She also composed a tango setting of sonnets 144 and 129 (“Tango de Sonetos”) and more recently composed and performed a setting of “Fairy Song” for GreenStage’s 2020/2021 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Tom Dewey – (Prince Escalus, Ensemble / Fight Choreographer)
Tom returns to the stage after a long hiatus. Before taking a break, his work was seen in productions by GreenStage, Seattle Shakespeare Company & Wooden O, Book-It Repertory Theatre, Theater22, and others. GreenStage productions include Titus Andronicus (Every Minor Character Who Dies), As You Like It (Oliver), Macbeth (Malcolm), and Taming of the Shrew where he played Petruchio. Other local productions include Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Coriolanus where he played Titus Lartius, Wooden O’s Henry IV Part I where we played the Douglass and choreographed the fights, and Book-It’s Treasure Island where he played Abraham Grey, chorus, and choreographed the fights.

Bob Downing – (Lord Montague, Ensemble)

Bob is delighted to return to GreenStage after having played the Earl of Northumberland in Richard II. Other favorite roles include: Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing (Shattered Glass Project), Tom Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie (Whidbey Island Center for the Arts), Tom Snout in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Seattle Shakespeare Company), the King in The Snow Queen (Dacha), and Cassius/Brutus/Caesar/Antony in his original solo show The New Shakespearience Presents Julius Caesar. Bob is very grateful for his training at Freehold Theatre Studio, his affordable Homestead Community Land Trust house in southeast Seattle, and his lovely and supportive family and friends.

Tony Driscoll – (Friar Laurence, Ensemble)

Tony is one of the founders of GreenStage and the chief instigator of our semi-notorious Hard Bard series. He recently took a 14 year hiatus from the stage to fail as a father. He sometimes sings in a band called The Purdins that all of his neighbors seem to enjoy except Daniel, who lives four doors down the street and wears Carhartts because they’re fashionable. In his spare time, Tony enjoys making people smile and other people who enjoy making people smile. With his wife Erin Day, he has a son named Emmett, a dog named Tank and a hernia which has yet to be named. We hope you enjoy the show. Love to all!

Anthony Duckett – (Mercutio, Ensemble)

Anthony is thrilled to be working with such an amazing cast and positively humbled that GreenStage has allowed him to return for another summer. Previous GreenStage credits include Arthur in King John, Trinculo in The Tempest, Cornwall in King Lear, Dumain and Nathaniel in Loves Labours Lost, King Louis and Rochfort in The Three Musketeers, Demetrius and Wall in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Dauphin Prince Louis in Henry V, as well as Dauphin in the Covid 2020 summer over zoom. Hard Bard credits: Anselmus in Cardenio and finally Ferdinand in The Duchess of Malfi. Anthony is an Equity Member Candidate and graduate of Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts. In his spare time Anthony enjoys fast cars, loud motorcycles, reading fantasy fiction and playing in the deep woods. Anthony sends his love to his Mom, his Dad and his very hairy children (dogs), Millie, Finn and Bacchus.

David Elwyn – (Tybalt, Ensemble / Assistant Fight Choreographer)

David is an Actor, Stuntman, Fight Choreographer, Professional Wrestler, and Cat Dad. He grew up in Minnesota, attending Perpich Center for Arts Education before making Seattle his home and earning his BFA in Theater from Cornish College of the Arts. His credits include Santa Cruz Shakespeare, Artswest, Seattle Repertory, Key City Public Theatre, and the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire. Recently, He has been featured in the film Dragons on the Hill and the TV Pilot The Wayfarer, and on stage with Latitude Theatre in Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment. You can find him at this summer’s Oregon and Washington Renaissance Faires, as well as the Brass Screw Consortium in Port Townsend. He couldn’t be prouder of working with this team of creators!

Jasmine Neshama Harrick – (Juliet)

Jasmine is stoked to return to GreenStage for another summer with this incredibly kind and talented group after donning several beards in last year’s production of Pericles. Their favorite past roles include Jo March (Little Women), Maureen (RENT), and Jane Bennet (Pride and Prejudice). When not on stage, Jas dabbles in the visual arts and enjoys rain, soup, and making tiny houses. She thanks her family, as well as Luke, Nicole, and the GreenStage Company for bringing this timeless story to life in the great outdoors. Thank you for coming out to see the show!

Josh Kibbey – (Ensemble / Stage Manager)

Josh is back for his third production for GreenStage. This is the second play he’s acted in for them and the first Shakespeare after performing in Three Musketeers. You were subjected to his cringeworthy jokes last summer as House Manager/Sound Tech for Henry V. He’s previously Stage Managed in recent years for Renton Civic Theatre and the now-defunct Eclectic Theater. As Kibbonafide, you may have seen him on stages rapping his original music, which you can stream or buy on basically all the services. He’s been a stage, film and voiceover actor for over 30 years and a Hip-Hop artist for over 20. Shout out to my forever peeps Gail the Human and Serenity the Cat.

Joe Moore – (Romeo)

Joe is overjoyed to be joining GreenStage for his fourth production with the company. Previous GreenStage shows include Henry V, Henry IV Part 1, and Richard II. He has also been seen onstage most recently in ACT’s production of A Christmas Carol. Joe is a proud cofounder of Northwest Original Works Theatre, and a graduate of Western Washington University. Love to Mom, Dad, Levi, Molly, and also Nut the cat.

Bryce Publow – (Benvolio, Ensemble)

Bryce is thrilled to return to GreenStage for another year! His credits include Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing, Angelo from Measure for Measure, Caliban from The Tempest, and The Crow Lord, Lord of Crows from the podcast, Save the D8. When he’s not acting, Bryce can be found writing music for his band, AstroZoo (streaming on your favorite music service!), and thinking about the greatest love of his life: cats. He loves being a part of the GreenStage Community and hopes everyone can enjoy this season’s shows.

Jared Sandoval – (Count Paris, Ensemble)

Jared Sandoval is excited to be a part of his first production with GreenStage as well as his first production in Seattle! He previously performed in Hamlet, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Merry Wives of Windsor in Southern California. When he’s not performing, he teaches after school enrichment classes with Stone Soup Theater. He would like to thank his friends Anna, Kendall, and Meriam for their continued support!

Sean Patrick Taylor – (Lord Capulet, Ensemble)

Sean is happy to return for his fifth show with GreenStage, most recently in last summer’s Henry V. Other credits include Amiens in Seattle Shakespeare Company’s As You Like It, and the Host of the Garter in SSC’s Merry Wives. He also appeared as Telegin in Akropolis Performance Lab’s production of Uncle Vanya. A scholar of language and literature, he provided the translations of A Doll’s House and Cyrano de Bergerac for SSC, and teaches medieval and ancient literature at the Creative Retirement Institute, and through UW Extension.

Gail Javarah Wamba – (Nurse Angelica, Ensemble / Choreographer)

Gail is thrilled to continue the dream of 10-year-old Gail: acting in the beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoors. Previously with GreenStage, Gail appeared in 2022 as Bardolph and others in Henry V, in 2018 as Treville in The Three Musketeers, and she designed props for 2016 – 2018 summer tours as well as 2016’s Hard Bard: The Duchess of Malfi. Other recent performances include Pendant Audio Shakespeare: Henry VI part 1 (Countess of Auvergne), Pericles (Thaliard) & Troilus & Cressida (Agamemnon); Live and virtual comedy with Midnight Mystery Theatre; dancing as Javarah, and prop design at Centerstage (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Puss In Boots: A Holiday Panto) and Renton Civic Theatre (Nunsense). Offstage, Gail can be found developing code, hiking, gardening and other things that let one wander into the weeds. Thank YOU for supporting live theater. Love to Josh, Serenity and all our family!

Kimberlee Wolfson – (Lady Capulet, Ensemble)

Kimberlee is thrilled to be making her debut with GreenStage! Previous roles in the Washington area include a staged reading of Sun Flower Sisters as Newla with Poppy’s Purse, Proof as Claire with The Driftwood Players, The Moors as the Moorhen, The Glass Menagerie as Amanda, Angels in America as The Angel, Chamber Music as The Woman with the Gavel all with SPSCC. The Merry Wives of Windsor as Mistress Quickly with Animal Fire Theatre, The Women as Lucy with Harlequin Productions, and Elsie Winthrop in The Ghost Train with Centerstage Theatre. A transplant from The East Coast, but originally from Texas. Other favorite roles include Cabaret (Sally Bowles) with FTW and Actors Playhouse in MS. Bug (Agnes) with SeenoSun in DC, Macbeth (Lady M) with RTA in NY. Thank you to the entire Cast and Crew!


ROMEO AND JULIET – Director’s Notes

Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeare’s most well-known play and among the most famous English-language texts ever written. Over a few centuries, it has oddly come to represent the ideal of romantic love, frequently cited in love songs of every genre. I believe the author’s intent, just like the important artists of our time, was to confront pervasive social problems he observed in his community. The issues explored in Romeo and Juliet, sadly, still feel familiar to us. Shakespeare’s Verona is a culture obsessed with violence. Every man carries a lethal weapon on his hip and bodies are piling up. Boys learn that to fulfill their role, they must find an enemy.

In Juliet’s world, women and girls are completely controlled by old men. To protect her value to her family she must be escorted at all times before arranged marriage.

Juliet and Romeo’s romance is not a model for true love. It is, however, a small, ill-fated rebellion against their dangerous and oppressive society.

— Luke Sayler

HENRY VI, PART 1 – cast bios

(alphabetical order)
** NOTE – In theatre, as in real life, things happen. Cast member Daniel Wood is unable to continue with the production as he recovers from a knee injury. This determination was made after the printing of our physical program. We’d like to thank the actors listed below for taking on additional or different roles, as noted below in bolded blue text. Some actors may be carrying scripts onstage, and you may see our stage manager, Biz Hillenbrand, acting as a “script squire”. We wish Daniel a speedy recovery! 

Garth Ball – (Henry VI, John Talbot)

Garth is a theatre artist and educator, and he’s delighted to make his GreenStage debut! Previous Shakespeare roles include Bottom and both lovers in various productions of Midsummer and Gonzalo in The Tempest. He also directs and designs at local schools, universities, and youth theatre organizations. Most of the year, he’s busy teaching and directing the theatre program at Redmond High School. When not in the classroom, onstage, or backstage, he enjoys reading, playing music, riding his bike, and Dungeons & Dragons. Huge thanks to Kate, Rosa, and Dr. Meyer for fostering his passion for Shakespeare.

Mary Murfin Bayley – (Duke of Gloucester)

Mary has been in all of the Henry series of the past few years playing Mistress Quickly among others and is now delighted to be part of Henry VI. In a foray out of 12th Century England she also recently played Oberon and Theseus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She has performed with Theatre9/12, Annex Theatre, Seattle Public, Book-It Rep, Seattle Jewish Theatre, and (as an actor) at Seattle Opera. Trained at Reed College and at the HB Studio in NYC, she later studied Commedia dell’Arte at Teatro Cestello in Florence, Italy. Mary is so happy to be playing Shakespeare in the parks and is very glad you are here.

Steven Davis – (Duke of Alençon, Earl of Suffolk)

Steven is so excited and thankful to get back on stage and make his debut with GreenStage this summer! After graduating from Cornish College of the Arts in 2017 you might have seen him in A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Seattle Shakespeare or UW’s Savage Conversations before we all took an extended break from the world as we knew it. He looks forward to the future and as a member of the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho continuing to work on his solo series Ethnically Cleansed which shines light on the Indigenous Native American side of history most do not get to hear. Best wishes and thank you for all the support and love, especially Raven’s.

Matthew Gilbert – (Lord Talbot )
After he got to play his bucket list role as King Henry in Henry V last summer, Matthew is so excited to be back with his GreenStage family. He would like thank his friends and family for supporting him in his theatre adventures. Big shout out to his friends Jalyn and Kate. Matthew would like to dedicate his performance to his 5 year old nephew George for always making him laugh out loud. Thank you and enjoy the show. Go See a Play.

Lesley Gordon – (Bastard of Orleans, Earl of Warwick / Duke of Exeter)

Lesley is thrilled to be in her first production with GreenStage and for this opportunity to learn from such a talented cast and crew! She most recently played The Bogle in Lakewood Playhouse’s winter 2022 production of Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol and Celeste/Elaine in SPSCC Theater’s spring 2023 production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Sunday in the Park with George. You can also check out her improv acting troupe @tacomaplayersguild. She would like to thank her husband, family and friends for their loving support.

Aubrey Sara Kaye – (Somerset, Bedford, Margaret)

Aubrey (she/her) is thrilled to continue her Shakespeare History journey with GreenStage this summer. In the “prequel” tetralogy, she appeared as Fluellen in Henry V, Prince Hal in Henry IV: Part 2, and Lady Percy and Bardolph in Henry IV: Part 1. She is a graduate of PCPA – Pacific Conservatory Theatre and holds a degree in Computer Science from California Lutheran University. Other favorite Shakespeare roles include: Ophelia, Gertrude in Hamlet (GreenStage – Backyard Bard), Hermia, Quince in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (GreenStage – Backyard Bard), Ophelia u/s, Player Queen in Hamlet (Kingsmen Shakespeare Company), Duchess of York u/s in Richard III (PCPA), Audrey in As You Like It (California Lutheran University), and Margaret in Much Ado About Nothing (PCPA – Conservatory Rep).

David Klein – (Bishop of Winchester, Sir William Lucy)

David’s acting career began in 1969, and has included an appearance on stage at the Woodstock Festival that year, international avant-garde festivals in Baltimore and in Poland, running a touring company for three years in rural New England, and, in his 38 years here, working in all of Seattle’s major theaters and many, many smaller ones. This is his fourth show with GreenStage, having had a great time in 2017 in Comedy of Errors, in 2019 with Henry IV part 2 and last summer in Henry V. He is a company member of both Theatre 9/12 and Tales of the Alchemysts Theatre.

Nelson Niu – (Richard Plantagenet, Duke of Burgundy)

Nelson (he/they) is a Chinese-American theater artist excited to make his Seattle debut. At his day job, he’s a math PhD student at UW, but he’s always had a passion for inventing and reinventing stories for today’s stage. As part of the MIT Shakespeare Ensemble, they starred in digital productions of Macbeth and Timon of Athens, directed Agatha Christie’s Go Back for Murder and a trans take on The Importance of Being Earnest, and had a hand in an assortment of Shakespeare pastiches with titles like Twelfth Night Ultimate Werewolf and Actual Cannibal Lord Macduff. Their original play A Holistic Review was staged virtually by the Asian American Theatre Artists of Boston and live-streamed on HowlRound TV. Love to Eryn, Caroline, and his cohort.

Kaysy Ostrom – (Earl of Salisbury, Reignier, Vernon)

Kaysy (she/her) is an actor, playwright, director, & theater educator from Seattle. Recent past credits include Greedo, Yoda, Jabba, and more in the last three seasons of Star Wars Outdoors with Hello Earth Productions. Favorite past Shakespeare encounters include Taming of the Shrew (Grumio) and the Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged! She is a graduate of SMU with a BFA in Theatre Studies. When not onstage, you can find her at her day job as the Education Director at Studio East or at home reading a good book while snuggling with her wife and two cats. Special thanks to Devin: “For where thou art, there is the world itself”!

Ariel Rose – (Joan la Pucelle)
During the school year, Ariel tours bullying prevention plays to students across the PNW as a member of Taproot Theatre’s Road Company. Off-road, she most recently appeared in Dacha Theatre’s regional premiere of An Incomplete List of All the Things I’m Going to Miss When the World is No Longer. Ariel is a Southern California runaway who studied Theatre Performance and Creative Writing at Whittier College. She likes to spend her free moments reading and writing poems, collecting plants, and napping with her dog-son. Shakespeare is a special thing to Ariel; her parents met performing in Taming of the Shrew, and her namesake is the spirit in The Tempest. She is grateful to be here. Love to Mom, Sal, Louie and friends.

Jean E. Sitte – (Charles King of France, Basset)
Jean (she/her) was last seen in GreenStage’s Henry V and is excited to play in the sequel this summer! Past shows include The (Improvised) Nutcracker with Taproot Theatre Company and A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Valley Center Stage. She has also performed with Bainbridge Performing Arts, The Fern Shakespeare Company, Edmonds Driftwood Players, and Kitsap Forest Theater, among others. She holds a BA in Theatre from Seattle Pacific University and has studied with Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA. Favorite roles include Regan in King Lear, and Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker. She and her husband Joel enjoy chasing their toddler and the ever-elusive concept of a full night’s sleep.

Daniel E Wood
Daniel has been working with GreenStage more or less every summer since 2011. Some of his favorite GreenStage roles include Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Athos in The Three Musketeers, Don Armado in Love’s Labour’s Lost, and Edgar in King Lear. He also directed Merry Wives of Windsor in 2016. Other favorite roles include the title role in Macbeth (Fern Shakespeare) and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing (SecondStory Rep). Daniel has also performed with Seattle Shakespeare Company, Book It Repertory, Seattle Public Theater, Sound Theatre Company, Theater Schmeater (RIP), Centerstage, Annex Theater and many, many more.


HENRY VI, Part 1 – Director’s Notes

Henry VI Part One is not a tale of a peaceful transition of power. At the funeral of Henry V, an assemblage of uncles and great uncles to the 9-month-old Henry VI gather, each with their own agenda. The game of thrones for power, prestige, and conquest begins.

Church battles State in the streets of London as the Bishop of Winchester and the Duke of Gloucester, Protector of the Realm for the young Henry, wrestle for control. The Dukes of York and Somerset posture in Parliament, each with competing claims of succession. Sides are chosen, red and white roses are plucked, and gauntlets are thrown.

Lord Talbot, the fearsome English commander in France, struggles not only with betrayals from these feuding Dukes but also with the French opposition led by Joan of Arc who seeks to return her homeland to the rule of Charles, King of France. Henry VI assumes the crown in a court full of strife and lands soaked in bloodshed.

Come bear witness to this conflict, with echoes of our current political sphere, that unleashes the War of the Roses with all of its bloody consequences.

—Zanne Gerrard

BACKYARD BARD – cast bios

(alphabetical order)

Tessa James – (Comedy of Errors – Duke, Dromio; Cymbeline – Posthumus, Cloten)

Tessa is utterly ecstatic to make their GreenStage (and Shakespeare) debut as a member of Backyard Bard. Their recent credits in Washington have included The Mousetrap with Edmonds Driftwood Players, Incomplete List with Dacha Theatre, and 110 in the Shade with Reboot Theatre. Tessa is honored to have been welcomed into such a caring community and hopes to do much more work in the future. As always, for those who have taught them the importance of a good story.

Annabel Klein – (Comedy of Errors – Adriana, Balthazar, Ageon; Cymbeline – Iachimo, Pisanio, Guiderius, Arviragus, Lucius)

Annabel is thrilled to be joining GreenStage for their 35th Anniversary season. Annabel graduated from the University of Redlands with a BA in English Literature and Theatre Arts in 2020. Since then she has been working as a full-time theatre educator, serving with Seattle Shakespeare Company, Seattle Rep, Penguin Productions, and Stone Soup Theatre. You may have most recently seen Annabel onscreen as June in Ocean’s Arrival, streaming on Amazon Prime video, or as Lofty in Monstrous Regiment with Latitude Theatre. Annabel would like to thank her friends, family, partner, cast, crew, and her dog, Nellie for all their love and support.

Rachel Ruby Squires – (Comedy of Errors – Antipholus; Cymbeline – Queen, Cymbeline, Belarius, Philario)

Rachel (she/her) is ecstatic to play with GreenStage again this Summer in the beautiful parks of Seattle. Her previous credits include The Spitfire Grill (Edmonds Driftwood Players); Pericles (GreenStage); Ghost Train and Holiday Panto: Puss in Boots (Centerstage); Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (InD Theater); Resi the Musical (New Musical Productions); King Henry IV Part One (F*** That’s Immersive Theater!). Thank you to Rachel’s family and friends that support and love her through this crazy life.

Hannah Votel – (Comedy of Errors Luciana, Pinch, Merchant, Aemilia; Cymbeline Imogen, Cloten’s Lord, Cornilius)

Hannah (they/them) is a graduate of the Musical Theater BFA program at Cornish College of the Arts. Earlier this year, they performed in Dacha Theater’s West Coast premiere of An Incomplete List of All the Things I’m Going to Miss When the World is no Longer by Dante Green. Loving all facets of theater, Hannah also co-directed and co-wrote The Boxes We’re Kept In for the 2023 Strawberry Jam Director’s Festival. Hannah is so thrilled to be a part of such a challenging production and can’t wait to share it with Seattle!


BACKYARD BARD Director’s Note

Emerging out of the chaos of the last several years, it feels like we are rediscovering our world, relearning how to be with each other and ourselves in that world. Since the beginning of time people have gathered to hear stories to find that meaning, to build community, to inspire us to dream and open ourselves to the possible, even in the face of the seeming impossible.

Backyard Bard is a special adventure; fast and furious with nothing to hide behind, and this cast has met that challenge fearlessly. It has been my great pleasure and privilege to work with these creative and dynamic women. They have inspired, touched and educated me and for that I am humbled and appreciative.

Thank you for gathering to share these stories with us today. It is my hope that you will find moments of laughter and pathos, something to take home and something that might be ready to leave behind.
Please enjoy the show!

— Erin Day


Luke Sayler – (Director – Romeo and Juliet)
Luke has performed in six seasons with GreenStage, playing roles such as Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Pistol in Henry V, Lancaster in Henry IV part 2, and Proteus in The Two Gentlemen of Verona. This is his first turn at directing Shakespeare in the Park, however, and he is more excited than ever to share this experience with audiences. Over the course of rehearsal, Romeo and Juliet became Luke’s favorite play in Shakespeare’s canon. To commemorate this process, Luke has attained the actual title of “Friar” from the organization that ordained him a wedding officiant/ minister. Previous directing credits for Luke Sayler include The Blue Room by David Hare and Wenceslas Square by Larry Shue. Special thanks to Dr. Murphy.

Zanne Gerrard – (Director – Henry VI, part 1)
After a mid-life hiatus from theatre, Zanne (she/her) is thrilled to be back directing. She has directed for Edmonds Driftwood Players, the Mae West Fest, and Erinys Productions in San Francisco. She received a B.A. with honors in Theatre from Wesleyan University, and an EMPA from the UW Evans School of Public Policy. Deepest gratitude for Meredith – who opened the door for this opportunity and to Ian – who is at my side everyday believing in me.

Erin Day – (Director – Backyard Bard / Artistic Director)
After moving from Washington D.C., Erin found a home in GreenStage and finds nothing grander than playing with them and with you. Around town, she has performed at Seattle Public Theater, Theatre Babylon, Seattle Fringe Festival, The Washingtonians! and others. She is currently a member of The Midnite Mystery Players and is honored to serve as Artistic Director for GreenStage. Thanks to her amazing family and especially to you. Enjoy the show!

Josh Kibbey – (Stage Manager / Ensemble – Romeo and Juliet)
See cast bios

Biz Hillenbrand – (Stage Manager – Henry VI, part 1)
Biz is a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina and is so excited to be working on her first production with GreenStage. Her first lead role was Rosalind in an outdoor production of As You Like It, and she’s happy to be returning to her roots in Shakespeare in the park.

Natalie Young – (Stage Manager – Backyard Bard)
Natalie (she/her) is thrilled to return for another season stage managing Backyard Bard. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre from the University of Portland in 2018 and studied playwrighting at Bellevue College. During the school year Natalie works as a Teacher’s Assistant. Natalie sends her love to Mom and Dad for supporting her studies, and her thanks to roommate Sarah for putting up with all the late night work sessions.

Elizabeth Power – (Costume Design – Henry VI, part 1)
Elizabeth loves GreenStage and hopes you do too. Thank you for coming! Elizabeth has worked in our community for many years doing all kinds of costume work, in fact she sews something every day. Favorite shows include King Lear, The Tempest, and of course all the histories.

Audrey Herold – (Costume Design – Romeo and Juliet)
Audrey is a Seattle-based actor and costume designer represented by Melissa Baldauf/Big Fish NW Talent. Favorite past designs include: Dacha Theatre’s Pride & PrejuDICE, and Kiss Me Kate at SMT. She holds a BFA in Acting from Trinity Western University, and MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University. In her administrative work, Audrey serves as the Stewardship & Events Manager at Taproot Theatre, and Associate Producer of Development at Dacha Theatre. Audrey is all about stories that ask thought-provoking questions about what we owe to each other, while creating sustainable theater from the ground up.

Arietty Power – (Costume Design – Backyard Bard)
Arietty has just graduated high school and is excited to join GreenStage! She was a student director at her high school and has also spent time in all the roles in theater productions throughout her life. Being around costumes has been a major part of her life. Back to Shakespeare, Arietty has studied some shows and loves the old tales it tells. She wants to thank her mother and her theater mentors.

Alyssa Kay – (Intimacy Director)
Alyssa Kay is an actor, educator, and fight/intimacy choreographer born and raised in Seattle. She has appeared in past GreenStage productions of The Tempest, Henry VIII, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and is delighted to return as Intimacy Director for this season. Her choreography work has been seen around town at Seattle Rep, Village Theatre, Book-It Repertory, Wooden O, Off-Road Shakespeare, ReAct Theatre, and elsewhere. She also serves as resident Fight/Intimacy Director for Seattle University’s Theatre Department and for Harlequin Productions in Olympia. Much love to her dear Fox and sweet baby Wilder.

Tom Dewey – (Fight Choreographer – Romeo and Juliet)
See Romeo and Juliet cast bios

John Williams Lynch – (Fight Choreographer – Henry VI, part 1)
John has been a Seattle actor for many years in addition to being an actor/combatant and Stuntman. He has certified in all eight weapons with The Society of American Fight Directors. He is an active member of the SAFD since 1997. He has trained with The American Stuntman’s Association in 2002. In addition to training with The British Academy of Stage and Screen, London in 2008. During the pandemic John continued his training with Freehold theater lab. As well as honing his skills in combat he received training in intimacy choreography. In addition John helped found and serves as co-artistic director for the Theatrical fight group Performers Forge. John has taught stage combat for Seattle Children’s Theater acting intensive and for the North shore School district. John has choreographed fights for many local theaters. Those include Driftwood Theater, Burien Actors Theater, Renton civic, Snoqualmie Forest theater, Everett Historic, West of Lennon Theater, GreenStage, Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan, Recycled Shakespeare Theater North Bend Theater and Seattle Musical Theater to name a few. Enjoy the show.

Eric Wu – (Props Designer / Sound Operator – Henry VI, part 1)
is excited for his first jobs with GreenStage. Eric has production credits with a variety of theaters around Puget Sound including Seattle Shakespeare and Edmonds Driftwood Player. He would like to thank his mother, the many directors, and God for all bringing him this far.

Rose Palmieri – (Assisstant Director – Henry VI, part 1)
Rose (she/her) is thrilled to be working on this show and assistant directing for the first time. Rose’s love of Shakespeare started early, spurred on by the GreenStage shows she watched every summer growing up in Seattle. She is now a senior studying theatre at Swarthmore College, just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Recent directing credits there include Gruesome Playground Injuries and Up for Grabs. She also loves to act and has studied at and performed locally in shows at Seattle Children’s Theatre and Taproot Theatre. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Nicole Vernon – (Asst to the director – Romeo and Julet)
Nicole is thrilled to work on her 18th Season with GreenStage. Some favorite adventures include Viola in Twelfth Night (2009), Regan in King Lear (2013), assorted roles in Backyard Bard Macbeth and Two Gents (2015), pinch-hit costumer for BYB 2017, and Stage Manager for the first season post-Covid shut-down for A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2021). It is an honor to share these stories and our lives together in the parks – so glad you came.

Lindsay Hop – (House Manager – Romeo and Juliet)
Lindsay is excited to be out in the parks helping GreenStage for another season. She has been with GreenStage for approximately 5 years. Lindsay enjoys how close the theater community is and having this as a creative outlet. When Lindsay is not helping GreenStage you can find her bartending at ArtsWest or at the box office for Centerstage. “Hope you brought great snacks and sunscreen. Enjoy the show!”

Amy Bogaard – (House Manager – Backyard Bard )
Amy is overjoyed to be joining GreenStage this summer. In 2020, she stage managed GreenStage’s virtual stage reading of The Tempest, and has previously worked as a teaching artist within Seattle Public schools.

Deb Harrick – (Sound operator– Romeo and Juliet)
Deb is happy to return after running sound for last year’s production of Pericles. She appreciates how GreenStage makes live theater so accessible and enjoys experiencing different parks around the Greater Seattle area. Much love to Tod, Jas, and Eliana.

Cynthia Lester – (Sound Operator –Backyard Bard)
Cynthia Lester is a filmmaker, educator, and theatre enthusiast curious to learn more about Shakespeare. She has some acting, television, documentary, and stage experience. This is her first time working with GreenStage.