Backyard Bard

Directed by Erin Day

Backyard Bard presents two stripped-down productions of Shakespeare’s plays, each one hour long, and both performed by a small ensemble of versatile actors.

Backyard Bard was born out of a desire to bring Shakespeare to smaller parks and new audiences in underserved neighborhoods. But we don’t just perform in the parks – Backyard Bard is also available for private parties. If you are interested in hosting a performance, contact us at

The Comedy of Errors

About the Play

Unbeknownst to them two sets of twins get separated at birth. When they all find themselves in the same city more than 20 years later zany chaos ensues of mistaken identity, misunderstandings, mayhem, and mixups. A fan favorite, the Comedy of Errors remains one of Shakespeare’s funniest comedies.


About the Play

King Cymbeline banishes his daughter’s true love so she’ll marry his choice. Meanwhile his wife the Queen schemes her own power grab behind his back. Palace intrigue, treachery, murder plots, and deception, Cymbeline is a grand fairy tale of restoration and reconciliation.


Tessa James
Annabel Klein
Rachel Ruby Squires
Hannah Votel



Natalie Young – Stage Manager
Ari Power– Costumer Designer
Alyssa Kay – Intimacy Director