Romeo and Juliet

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Luke Sayler

About the Play

Verona is besieged by a blood feud between its two most powerful families. Amidst that violence, desperation, turmoil, and strife two young star-crossed lovers risk everything for a love that is forbidden.

Full of burning passion, bitter rivalries, and irresistible romance, this is one of western literature’s most famous love stories.


Molly Bauckham – Lady Montague, musician, Ensemble
Tom Dewey – Prince Escalus, Ensemble
Bob Downing  – Lord Montague, Ensemble.
Tony Driscoll – Friar Lawrence
Anthony Duckett – Mercutio, Balthazar
David Elwyn – Tybalt, Apothecary, Ensemble
Jasmine Harrick – Juliet
Josh Kibbey – Peter, Abraham, Ensemble
Joe Moore – Romeo
Bryce Publow – Benvolio, Ensemble
Jared Sandoval – Count Paris, Gregory, Ensemble
Sean Patrick Taylor – Lord Capulet
Gail Javarah Wamba – Nurse Angelica
Kimberlee Wolfson – Lady Capulet, Ensemble



Josh Kibbey – Stage Manager
Audrey Herold – Costumer Designer
Tom Dewey – Fight Choreographer
David Elwyn – Assistant Fight Choreographer
Gail Javarah Wamba – Dance Choreographer
Nicole Vernon – Assistant to the Director
Alyssa Kay – Intimacy Director
Eric Wu – Props Designer
Deb Harrick – Sound Operator