Canon Fodder: The Two Noble Kinsmen

With our 2014 production of Othello GreenStage has completed Shakespeare’s canon! We’re continuing our celebratory look back at every play.

Today’s play is The Two Noble Kinsmen, performed by GreenStage in 1998.

The Two Noble Kinsmen is a play that has been on the bubble as far as the canon is concerned. For many years not considered the work of William Shakespeare, the scholarly consensus these days seems to be that it was co-authored by the Bard and John Fletcher. Controversy or not, GreenStage did it 16 years ago!

It was the first show directed by our managing director, Ken Holmes, who speculates that the play contains the first written use of the phrase “I saw her first!” Artistic director Erin Day played the jailer’s wife, and it was Jason Marr’s first show of many with GreenStage.

The photo above shows much of the cast of the production.

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Source: current GS content