Canon Fodder: Cardenio

With our 2014 production of Othello GreenStage has completed Shakespeare’s canon! We’re continuing our celebratory look back at every play.

Today’s play is Cardenio, GreenStage’s Hard Bard production in 2012.

Scholars continue to debate whether Cardenio is the work of Shakespeare, John Fletcher, and/or Thomas Middleton, but we did it anyway! Tony Driscoll directed, and the cast included Aaron Allshouse, Meredith Armstrong, Geb Brown, Anthony Duckett, Matthew Gilbert, Julia Griffin, William Li, Tyler Lockwood, Mark McQuinn, Amelia Meckler, Michael Ramquist, Eli Simons, and Nicole Vernon.

That’s Gilbert still standing amidst a mostly dead and entirely bloody cast in the photo above.

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Source: current GS content