Away we go!

GreenStage’s 27th season of FREE Shakespeare in the Park got under way last week. We were fortunate to have lovely weather, as the very hot temperatures let up a bit, and nice crowds turned out, especially for the Seattle Outdoor Theater Festival at Volunteer Park, where GreenStage and seven other local theater companies put on a total of 14 performances Saturday and Sunday.

If you missed it, fear not! We will give you plenty of opportunities to catch all four of our summer plays! We have five weeks left, as the season runs through August 15, and we’re sure to be coming to a park near you.

This week the action focuses on Lower Woodland Park, where we’ll have six performances in all starting Thursday, July 16, including double features on Saturday and Sunday! See both of our Shakespeare in the Park plays, Much Ado About Nothing and The Two Noble Kinsmen, in one sitting. (That’s a scene from Much Ado at right below, from Saturday’s performance.) Or, if you prefer matinees or evening shows, you can see both on consecutive days, they’ll switch off!

Our Backyard Bard plays, The Two Gentlemen of Verona and Macbeth, also will have a double feature this Sunday at Othello Playfield. 

Check our calendar for the complete slate of performances for the rest of the summer.

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