Celebrating 35 Years! 1995 Season

2023 is our 35th Anniversary!

In honor of our 35th year we’re posting going back in time every Thursday with pics from every season we’ve produced.

Here’s some photos from our 1995 season. Unfortunately, few pictures can be found besides these blurry scans from a contact sheet. 1995 was the first year we operated under the name GreenStage – prior to that we had been Shakespeare Northwest.

Our 1995 summer was the first time doing two summer shows at the same time, running in repertory with mainly the same actors in both shows.  The shows were Twelfth Night and Pericles. In the fall we produced what we called a Hard Bard production of Titus Andronicus, with plenty of stage blood and a splash zone.  In 2009 we resurrected the Hard Bard them with a new production of Titus, and continued that series for several years.

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