Directed by Vince Brady

Pity poor Imogen! Her dad, King Cymbeline, banishes her love Posthumus from the kingdom because he wants her to marry royally and produce a proper heir. The Queen, her stepmother, wants her own son Cloten to marry her and plots to kill both Imogen and Cymbeline in a power grab. Posthumus, in Italy, makes a really dumb bet that leads to lots of trouble. Palace intrigue, treachery, murder plots, and deception challenge the characters of Cymbeline who, with the help of two surprise players, overcome mistrust and jealousy to live happily ever after. Except the Queen and Cloten, who as bad guys get what they deserve.

Pictured: John Bergeron as Iachimo, Katherine Jett as Imogen, Eric Hampton as Posthumus and Warren Haney as Cloten. Photo by Ken Holmes

Meredith Armstrong: Caius Lucius
John Bergeron: Iachimo
Nazlah Black: Arviragus
Sally Brady: Queen
Sam Hagen: Pisanio
Eric Hampton: Posthumus Leonatus
Warren Haney: Cloten
Katherine Jett: Imogen
Garrett Lander: Guiderius
Helen Martin: Ensemble
Mary Murfin-Bayley: Belarius
Daniel Sarfati: Ensemble
Gianni Truzzi: Cymbeline

Sarah Ross, stage manager
Elizabeth Power, costume designer
Natalie Gress, technical director
Gail Wamba, prop designer
Ryan Spickard, fight choreographer
Erin Mettling, house management lead

Cymbeline runs from July 8 through August 13, 2016 in parks around the greater Seattle area.

Performance schedule is below, all dates and times are subject to change.

There are no upcoming Events at this time.