COVID-19 may have forced us to postpone our outdoor season until 2021 but we just don’t think it’s summer time unless we get to put on some Shakespeare. So this summer we will be giving you some social distance friendly Shakespeare in the (virtual) Park! For one night engagements only you will get a sneak preview virtual performances from our extremely talented casts. Though the live performances have concluded you may watch the recordings on our YouTube channel or by clicking the links below. 
Go see a play!



A Midsummer Night’s Dream  Directed by Taylor Davis

Two quarreling fairies; four sparring lovers under the spell of a love potion; a motley crew of rude mechanicals determined to put on a play; and one impish Puck relentlessly causing mischief for them all. It all adds up to one perfect storm of chaos in Shakespeare’s most enchanting comedy. 


Henry V – Directed by Vince Brady

Continuing our history cycle, Henry V picks up after the events of Henry IV. After the death of his father, Henry has chosen to leave behind his rebellious youth for the responsibilities of ruling his kingdom. With England weakened and France threatening war Henry gathers his troops in what he hopes will unite the country. But when his army is stopped in France and his men outnumbered with a storm of swords around him he must become the king he was born to be.

Henry V is the fourth play in Shakespeare’s eight-play, double-tetralogy of history plays chronicling the reigns of Richard II, Henrys IV, V and VI, and culminating with Richard III.


The Tempest- Directed by Ken Holmes

On an isolated magical island, Prospero, the exiled Duke of Milan and self-taught sorcerer lives in banishment. For years, his only company has been his brave young daughter, an airy magical spirit and an enslaved monster. But he hungers for revenge and the opportunity comes when he creates a powerful storm to shipwreck those who did him wrong. Shakespeare’s final and most personal play, The Tempest is a powerful and often funny story of love, forgiveness and redemption.