2024 season Shakespeare in the Park

Stage Managers for 2024 summer season

GreenStage is seeking Stage Managers for our 2024 Shakespeare in the Park tour. Our summer season consists of three tours. Each tour has its own Stage Manager.

Stage Managers

GreenStage is seeking Stage Managers for each of our three summer touring productions of Shakespeare in the Park.

Our 2024 season runs from July 12 through August 18, rehearsals begin in June.

  • Twelfth Night – directed by Erin Day
  • Henry VI, Parts 2 & 3 – directed by Zanne Gerrard
  • BACKYARD BARD – All’s Well that Ends Well and Julius Caesar– directed by Sarah Stillion
    Backyard Bard is two 1-hour plays both performed by the same cast of four actors.

We perform in public parks in Seattle, Fall City, Lynnwood, and Burien with performances on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, with matinees on weekends. The two full-length shows each also have one Thursday evening performance (Lynnwood). Each production has approximately 15 performances.

GreenStage is an all-volunteer organization. However, we provide a stipend to all actors and members of the production team as a thank-you and to help cover travel expenses.


Each of our three productions tours to several different locations in and around Seattle. Stage Managers help coordinate the transport of props, costumes, and other items to performance spaces. In general, we travel light and scenic pieces are minimal. We plan to have rental vans to transport props, costumes, scenic pieces, and tech equipment for performances. We may also recruit actors with cars to help transport items if needed.

Rehearsals start in June and are held on weekday evenings and weekend days—usually 5-6 days a week. Tech is the week prior to opening, but there are no long days during tech. In general, rehearsals are 4-5 hours per rehearsal day.

Because we perform outdoors in public spaces, technical needs for our shows are minimal. We set up simple footlights for evening shows and have a small sound system to amplify the show which is operated by a sound tech. There are no sound or light cues to call. Depending on production, duties during the performance may include a few live cues provided by SM (e.g. drums, bells ringing), assisting with a quick-change, staging props, etc. as determined by availability of other backstage personnel and agreed upon during rehearsal.


  • Experience with or a good understanding of stage management procedures.
  • Organization and ability to manage a full cast of adult actors.
  • Good communication skills and ability to work well with both cast and production team.
  • Reliable transportation to get to and from rehearsals and performances.


  • Attend rehearsals, performances, and production meetings.
  • Work with director to plan rehearsal schedule.
  • Communicate rehearsal and performance call to cast and production team.
  • Take blocking notes and line notes as needed.
  • Communicate technical needs discovered in rehearsals to production team.
  • Send out rehearsal and performance reports to production team.
  • Arrive at the performance locations at least one hour ahead of show time.
  • Supervise setup of any scenery, props, costumes, and tech needs at venues.
  • Various other standard stage manager duties as needed.

A $1,200 stipend is paid at the end of the run.

TO APPLY: Email resume and letter of introduction to greenstage@greenstage.org