The Taming of the Shrew

Our Taming of the Shrew this summer will have a new twist: director Jennifer Crooks is casting the play with ALL WOMEN actors.

Kate is a bit of a handful, and has a reputation around Padua of being a shrew. Her sister Bianca has suitors falling all over themselves to win her, but they have a big problem: Baptista declares he won’t marry off Bianca until Kate is hitched.

Enter Petruchio, in town from Verona and looking to marry into wealth. Naturally, she falls head over heels for Kate, but their courtship is somewhat contentious, to say the least.

How will this comedy play today in the era of #metoo? Join us this summer and see.

Our 2019 season runs from July 12 through August 17. We’ll post the schedule and other information here when it’s finalized.


Allison Adams: Biondello
Caitlin Beckwith: Petruchio
Mary Brown: Baptista
MJ Daly: Tranio
Carol Gnojewski: Vincentio, ensemble
Emily Huntingford: Hortensio
Jordan Kerbs: Merchant, Widow, ensemble
Isis King: Lucentio
Marina Kleinpeter: Bianca
Sienna Mendez: Grumio
Melissa Wilson