Backyard Bard

Big Shakespeare; Little Parks. 


Four actors will bring all the laughter, all the adventure, and all the magic of two famous comedies to ten locations in the greater Seattle area.   It is our hope, and our mission, to take Backyard Bard to all the places where a bit of poetry in the sun might bring new possibilities to new audiences, start new conversations with new friends of GreenStage, and make it even easier for people to... go see a play.

Smaller Shakespeare in the Park for smaller spaces. 45 minute productions done by four actors, touring to smaller parks in and around Seattle from July 11 through August 16.

Since 2008, GreenStage has offered 45 minute, four-actor productions for theme parties, community functions, schools, and the occasional backyard, serving as a gentle introduction to the best parts of the larger play, and bringing the story vibrantly to life in more intimate venues with verve and brevity. Available for private events! Contact us for more information.

2015 Shows



Directed by Ken Holmes


Pictured above is the 2014 Bacyard Bard company: Helen Roundhill, Anna Richardson, Ty Bonneville, and Chris Martinez.